Thursday, February 2, 2012

HEARTLAND (12-Gay Short Film)

I'm definetely clueless about this short film success in my blog (more than 1000 guys have seen it...and counting) So...I'm adding some extra details, and two new videos subtitled in spanish and french.

Director and Writer: Mark Christopher Country: USA Language: English Year: 2007 Duration: 10 min Stars: Corey Sorenson, Lachlan Nieboer and Marvin Naftal

Life is sweet for an out, hip Columbia University student— until he’s called back home to the Iowa family farm to help out. The hired hand, an old buddy from high school, shows him that not everything is exactly the way he remembered it to be."


HG vuelve a casa para ayudar a su padre con la granja durante dos semanas. Cuando llega, HG descubre infelizmente que su padre ha contratado a Ryan McGonagle para también ayudarle con la granja. Ryan es un joven del lado malo de las vías y que cría a sus hermanos después de morir su madre. HG y Ryan no eran amigos en el instituto... por decir algo. Después de que el padre de HG enferme, los dos jóvenes se ven forzados a trabajar juntos, y descubren que tienen algo en común: grandes responsabilidades que afrontar, aunque ambos siguen siendo en muchos sentidos unos chicos.





Author: wolfbearjc from United States "Avery tender, thoughtful, if simple rendering of a few themes with excellent believable cast, would make a wonderful full length movie. a movie of reconciliation of the present from a past walked away from till hurled back in to it as a mature adult. it is short with an intense ending. being gay and having been brought up and then leaving the country I felt the scenario was very feasible. I thought film quality was welcome in a low budget film. It also opened up questions of what defines a family and also bridged homespun family loyalties and values into how they affect and fashion a new generation struggling to make new traditions and relationships."


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