Friday, April 4, 2014


Born in 1960, Andrew Potter has painted for as long as he can remember. He was a graphic designer/illustrator painting in his spare time until he moved to Cornwall in 1988, where he could pursue his art full-time.

Here in Penwith he found all the inspiration he needed for his compositions - clear sparkling light, crumbling buildings, open landscape and the surrounding sea. His work always shows a love of the power of nature.

Experimentation in colour and contrast gradually led his eye to home in on small details - almost abstract but meticulously "true" paintings that capture the drama and sometimes humour to be found in the natural environment.

A creative block in the 1990s led him to his favourite spot at Priest's Cove, where he sat on the beach looking at the variety and beauty of every pebble - at last, he was inspired.

Although well known for his 'Boulders' series of paintings, he produces a wide variety of other compositions.

Andrew's work features in many private collections, both at home and overseas. Andrew believes everything has beauty.

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