Friday, April 4, 2014


BEAU BELL, whose love of Tom of Finland is clearly seen in his works, made a name for himself by being published in magazines like MEN, MANDATE or UNZIPPED. Beau has exhibited his fine art work, which has been shown in several galleries throughout California, and has worked in the film industry in Hollywood.
Beau is currently developing his photographic skills to produce another book based on his narrative ideas. He currently divides his time between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The Californian painter and illustrator BEAU understands how to draw unrelenting scenes of dominance and submission. They provoke and completely pull the viewer into his world. In a very American, Hollywoodesque style the painter creates intensive gay fantasies unleashing them upon the viewer. But behind the unforgiving façade of sexual desire you can often see the yearning for love and physical contact beyond mere fetish and flesh.

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