Friday, April 4, 2014



Claudio Bravo Camus (8 de noviembre de 1936 - 4 de junio de 2011 ) Chilean hyperrealist painter. He was greatly influenced by Renaissance and Baroque artists, as well as Surrealist painters such as Salvador Dalí. He lived and worked in Tangier, Morocco, beginning in 1972. Bravo also lived in Chile, New York and Spain.

He was known mainly for his paintings of still lifes, portraits and packages, but he had also done drawings, lithographs, engraving and figural bronze sculptures. Bravo painted many prominent figures in society, including dictator Franco of Spain, President Ferdinand Marcos and First Lady Imelda Marcos of the Philippines and Malcolm Forbes.

Another recurrent theme is the male body in various states of dress or undress, and rendered with as much presence as the paintings and drawings of British artist Michael Leonard.

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