Friday, April 4, 2014



He studied painting in Athens school of Fine Arts (1976-1979)and in Royal Academy of Fine Arts (1979-1981) in LONDON. He was a student of IOANNIS TSAROUHIS (1985-1986).Now he works in interior design and conteporants arts. He used pencil ,coal, restoration in paper ,ecaustic in canvas and wood, oil. After his studies ,for a short period he occupated with fotography ,by an excelent realism who used it after in his paintures.Influences from his teacher TSAROUHIS is discernible in paintures with objects from exacting periods of history and art . The human figure , mostly man ,with the whole body or portrait in front vision caracterised his work . After 3 years of studies in "FAYUMS" portraits and a big number of copies,he used this tipical technic for a paintings serie of "modern" portraits. With the same technic in '80s aproach orientalist ,renaisance and Caravaggio ,chanches only faces. He participated in several exhibitions in Greece.He was a teacher in XAN in Thessaloniki.He cooperated with several greek magazines as a fotographer.

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